Back in 1950, the family business Transports CHABAS was founded in Cavaillon.

The company started by focusing exclusively on controlled temperature fruit and vegetable transport in Provence, but underwent a rapid period of diversification and expansion in the 1980’s.

In 1984, the company needed to diversify. They expanded by acquiring a specialist fresh flower transport company, whose headquarters were based in Nice.

In 1986 and with the same desire to diversify and expand, the company absorbed and integrated a southern France-based fresh produce transport specialist into their Cavaillon headquarters.

In 1989, the Fresh Produce transport department relocated to larger offices nearer the production sites, renting and outfitting 300m² in Ste Florence in the Vendée. This sector grew robustly, and a bigger installation in Saint Fulgent became a necessity. The department moved in 1992.

The company’s distribution remains concentrated in the south, along the Mediterranean Basin.


Currently, the company is active in four fields (Early Produce, Fresh Produce, Flowers and Wine) and boasts 12 logistics platforms, located mainly in the south-east of France.

Transports CHABAS remains a family company. We place a high priority on the quality of the work we do, which has a direct effect on our clients’ loyalty, our sustainability and our growth.

All of our men and women share our values. Every day, they fulfil their tasks with care, helping us improve customer satisfaction every day.


A genuine commitment
and a management tool

We have been transporting fresh produce for years. This is why we maintain high quality standards across our activities to satisfy our customers.

To turn our quality demands into reality, we have chosen to be ISO 9001 Quality certified since 2001.

Our quality policy is a genuine commitment for our company which provides a framework for our management system. Thanks to this, we can ensure standardized working processes (procedures, operating modes, objectives and indicators) for ever-greater care and effectiveness.

This multi-site certification
guarantees our clients
attention and service quality
geared towards improving what we can offer.

CO2 objective

In 2012, Transports CHABAS signed the ”Objective CO2” charter in partnership with the ADEME and the PACA region.

This commitment was renewed in 2015, with a 3-year action plan.

Our company is committed to reducing the volume of CO2 emitted from our various transport services.

This is an approach we have chosen to take, and it is based on:

Choosing equipment and vehicles which enable us to reduce fuel consumption

Tracking our fuel consumption

Training our drivers in energy-efficient driving (initial and recurrent)

Organizing our flows and mobilizing all of our partners and team members

In this way, all of these actions
will help us to reduce our greenhouse
gas emissions.

Full CO2 emission transparency

We are committed to supplying, upon request, all clients with the CO2 emissions information for each of the journeys undertaken for them. To ensure full transparency, you can also download the document which outlines how we calculate these emissions.

Download How we calculate
CO2 emissions

What we do

Transports CHABAS picks up and distribute pallet-packed and smaller-format fresh produce to food industry professionals (supermarkets, wholesalers, cafés, hotels, restaurants, specialist food shops etc.). We operate from the Mediterranean to the Alps, Pyrenees and the greater Toulouse region.

We work to offer you the best possible transport solution for your products, your demands and those of your clients.

Each day, we transport chilled products, wine and groceries.


Experts on the ground

Experts on hand near you who understand your industry and your requirements.

Transport experts who will draw up the best possible logistics plan for your company and your clients.

Experts who are on hand to meet your demands for speed and versatility.

Reliable experts who will stay with you as your company grows and your needs change.

Our men
and women

A truly passionate team

« My goal is to listen and accurately target the needs of our clients in order to assess, with the operators, the best adapted resources for the job.

By remaining in permanent contact with our clients, we can develop a real partnership which is beneficial to both sides. »

Sales Director

« My job? To stay in the shade!
A bit like an air-traffic controller, I manage flows… and the associated risks: a driver ahead of schedule, the Nice Carnival, a blocked road…

From my office, I am in constant contact with clients, drivers and agencies to make sure that every delivery is finished to our standards. This requires anticipation and organizational flexibility, and this is what keeps us motivated. »

Director of Operations

« Summer on the French Riviera certainly isn't easy! Everyone is heading for the beaches, the roads are packed and our clients in the distribution or restaurant sectors are working flat out.

They need deliveries every day. To deliver bang on time you need to know the traffic inside out and take account of things like market days for example. It's the only way to be able to keep all of our clients supplied. »


« As a quality professional, my role is to ensure that each process is done in compliance with the procedures set out in my agency and propose new ways to improve them.

At Transports CHABAS, quality makes sense. Here, it’s considered a real management tool!

In this way, all of the employees are involved in the quality process. Together, we are more effective. »

Quality Manager

« Seen from the outside, invoicing and portfolio tracking may seem like delicate tasks… For me, it’s more about arbitration. We need to find solutions that meet the treasury’s needs and the demands of our clients.

Every day, I am in constant contact with other departments: Operations, Accounts etc.

You need a lot of interpersonal skills. When I hear over the phone that my client is happy, then my job is done! »

Billing Manager

« From 6pm, the pallet jacks and loaders on the bay start to move.

Unforeseen events come around every night here in Operations. We need to manage the merchandise flows as well as possible to ensure that our drivers can supply our clients under the best possible conditions.

It’s not always easy, but it is motivating. No two days are alike! »

Customer services agent

A single point of contact
for our clients

Understanding our clients and their expectations is crucial if our transport missions are to succeed.

Every client has a single point of contact who knows and understands them, and is able to give them the solutions they need.

Every member of Transports CHABAS is involved in the everyday life of the company, in the quality strategy and in our constant commitment to keep our clients satisfied.

Transports CHABAS: a passionate team
working for controlled
low temperature transport.


A network of local branches

A transporter near you

In order to provide you with the best and most reliable delivery times, we have chosen to set up a network of agencies staffed with professionals who know the area intimately. They know their regions and transport systems perfectly and provide all the flexibility and speed you need to pick up and distribute your products.

Each of our agencies manages their own client portfolio. We guarantee a single point of contact: one professional with a perfect understanding of your expectations, who can meet your needs as quickly as possible.

We have 12 agencies who pick up fresh produce in the south and west of France for distribution all over the south, from Toulouse to Nice.

In this way, your products are delivered:

from A to B

6 days a week

List of agencies and depots

Route d’Avignon - BP 60140 - 84304 CAVAILLON CEDEX
Telephone : 04 90 78 45 46 - Fax : 04 90 78 50 01

ZI de la Métairie - 85250 ST FULGENT
Telephone : 02 51 42 60 96 - Fax : 02 51 42 60 91

ZA de Kerherve - 29270 CLEDEN POHER
Telephone : 02 98 93 60 85 - Fax : 02 98 93 62 18

ZI Sud marché Saint Julien - 22, rue Michael Faraday - 72100 LE MANS
Telephone : 02 43 16 10 01 - Fax : 02 43 84 10 81

Rue du développement ZI de Vic - 31320 CASTANET TOLOSAN
Telephone : 05 62 20 25 55 - Fax : 05 62 20 00 38

ZI de la plaine Montredon des Corbières - 11100 NARBONNE
Telephone : 04 68 42 87 50 - Fax : 04 68 42 86 92

RN 113 - 30310 VERGEZE
Telephone : 04 66 35 37 79 - Fax : 04 66 73 70 36

MIN Les Arnavaux Entrepôt 703 - 13323 MARSEILLE CEDEX 14
Telephone : 04 91 03 13 86 - Fax : 04 90 78 50 01

Avenue de la Chaffine - 13160 CHATEAURENARD
Telephone : 04 90 94 28 59 - Fax : 04 90 94 27 64

ZI Toulon Est - 60, Rue Douadi - BP227 - LA FARLEDE - 83089 TOULON CEDEX 9
Telephone : 04 94 21 69 57 - Fax : 04 94 08 27 72

32, rue des entrepreneurs - Parc d’Activité Raphèle ZAC du Blavet - 83520 ROQUEBRUNE SUR ARGENS
Telephone : 04 94 19 82 70 - Fax : 04 94 19 82 71

Lieu-dit Collet de Grisella - 06200 NICE
Telephone : 04 93 73 80 73 - Fax : 04 93 21 60 03

Carrer Bon dia 7 - 17481 St Julia de Ramis (Espagne)
Telephone : (00 34) 972 171 380 - Fax : (00 34) 972 170 242


contact details

Route d’Avignon
BP 60140
84304 CAVAILLON Cedex
Telephone : 04 90 78 45 45
Fax : 04 90 71 50 01

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